My long, drawn out, but eventually positive experience dealing with Nokia warranty support.

The ups and downs of love, in a relationship between man and his best (digital) friend: his phone. Things go awry, and then Nokia steps in and fixes it all.

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Hello world… once again!

Annnddd I’m BACK! Sorry for the downtime- you’ll probably have noticed that the site was totally inaccessible for a while there… not sure what happened, but it looks like deleting my php.ini fixed it =/ Anyways, as anyone reading BeCultured knows, I’m about to head on a trip to Germany, and also just got a […]

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Win two free tickets to EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo courtesy of Eco Fashion Week!

Update: Contest is now over, scroll down to see who won! The wonderful ladies over at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week (Facebook) have given me two tickets to Vancouver Sun’s Sustainable Living Expo this weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre to give out to a lucky reader! The tickets are for both Saturday and Sunday of […]

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Review: Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2011

With the return of spring, comes fashion shows and the new lines for fall/winter 2011. Showing off the latest in green-fashion for its second time around, Eco Fashion Week was a huge success, turning last fall’s already amazing event into an even bigger one. Held once again at the brand-new Olympic Village, EFW was this […]

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Spring approaches! Ready for the new fashion season?

We all know that Spring in capitalism means one thing: new stuff. Whether it’s the hottest news in technology you’re after, or the latest trends in Fashion you lust for, you are watching one thing: the movers and shakers of your industry. In Vancouver, we get the pleasure of having some of the hottest and […]

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The college student’s guide to not having to buy a new phone

Note: this also applies to highschool students, post grad, and everyone else. So if you’re anything like my friends and me, you enjoy a drink every once in a while. Unfortunately, though, ingestion of alcohol can lead to decreased dexterity, lowered reaction times, and general sloppiness. This can lead to one’s phone ending up in […]


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Review: Blanche Macdonald Fashion Show

This week I had the privilege to be personally invited to the Blanche Macdonald 2010 Fashion Show, where graduating students could show off their latest designs.The event was held at the Westin Bayshore hotel in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, and managed to fill the large main hall with family, friends, guests, and press. Despite starting a […]

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Review: Frock & Roll 2010 Fashion Show

Talk about a complete 180. Contrary to almost everything I saw at the FMA Fashion Week, the Frock & Roll Fashion show, held at the Bohemia Gallery on Main street, in Vancouver, was glam-less and grounded, but that did not make it a single bit less fascinating, and in fact worked quite well for the […]


Review: FMA Fashion Week and Pop Culture Festival 2010 in Vancouver

Those of you watching my Twitter and Facebook profile probably already know that I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest (with a wicked All Access Pass) at the FMA Fashion Week and Pop Culture Festival hosted at Club 560, put on by FMA Vancouver and Andy Chu of Arc2Intertainment. My ticket in on […]

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Technology @ School Pt. 3.2: Word 2010- Daily use tips

Part of the Technology@School series of guides aimed at students, by a student. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.1 | Part 3.2 | Part 4 Now that you’ve got a template to whip out anytime you need to do a paper, let me delve into some of the other cool things that Word […]

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